Siffert Brake Pads

For over 40 years, Siffert (Italy) have successfully engaged in the production of friction materials and related products for the automotive and commercial industry. Siffert’s success in the industry is attributed to the high quality production, competitive price, constant testing/experimentation and innovation, giving their products an undisputed edge.

The European type approval standard certify and guarantee that the technical and qualitative properties of the brake pads conforms to those of original equipment. These products are verified by the competent bodies through the standards contained in ECE/ONU 90R and compliance is indicated by the E3 type approval mark.

The perfect functioning of a brake system greatly depends on the quality of the brake pads used, which are severely controlled. Siffert brake pads have passed all the performance test required for original equipment.

Abex has a complete range of disc pads to cover the Australian truck, bus and trailer market.


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