Duroline is recognised worldwide as one of the leading trademarks in the production of friction materials. This has come about because of their commitment to produce the best friction material with the best technology in the world. This, together with Duroline’s patented “Wave Process”, Duroline have been producing the quality and safety our clients need.

Duroline’s product excellence is ensured by modern manufacturing processes and strict quality control. Always focused on preserving the environment, Duroline invests heavily in cleaner technology, aiming towards sustainable development. One example of this is their innovative “Wave Process” system.
With the “Wave Process”, a method that has been carefully studied and which begins with collection of old worn brake lining and disc pads, and has a glue-free finishing system. Duroline ensures your safety, saves money and helps protect the planet as well.

Abex has been involved with Duroline in business since 2002 with the focus of having the best product on the market. Duroline brake linings have proved time and time again that they are durable in the harsh Australian environment whether it be the waste industry or road trains in North Queensland. Duroline performs at the highest level day in, day out. Abex has a large range of Duroline brake linings for American and European trucks and buses, and the full range of trailer applications.


Visit the Duroline website for more information at www.duroline.com.br/en/


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